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In addition to many tiny details, the stand is designed to be completely disassembled if necessary.
You can fit ten of them into a van, and one person can effortlessly handle the installation.

Solid base,

In any weather, whether in the city or a national park

Base and weight • The stand's base can accommodate six concrete blocks with a total weight of 174 kg. The entire stand weighs over 200 kg, ensuring excellent stability.

Adjustable legs • The base frame, constructed from robust aluminum profiles, is equipped with eight adjustable feet. They provide better contact with the ground, ensuring stability even on uneven surfaces.

Clean design • With a very low profile and a replaceable aluminum panel that covers the weights, the base has a clean and visually refined appearance. The panel also provides an additional space for your images or information.

Swap photos in a
Just two hands required

Simplicity • You can place two panels with photographs or graphics on each stand. They are mounted using two cover profiles.

Safety • The panels are secured on the frame with two locks that prevent bending and pulling them out. For maximum protection, the mounting profiles can also be supplied with security bolts.

Durability • The photo frame is welded from sturdy aluminum profiles. Additionally, the frame features a central beam that prevents damage to the photo panels from inward deformations or indentations.

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that matters the most

Print • The recommended technology is waterproof latex printing, which is extremely resistant to fading and scratching. Combined with lamination, it guarantees color stability for 5 years outdoors and up to 10 years indoors.

Backing • The prints are laminated on aluminum composite panels commonly known as DiBond. These panels have a sandwich construction with a PU/PE core coated with a 0.21mm-thick aluminum foil. This construction ensures maximum stability of the panels in any outdoor conditions. The panels do not deform at high temperatures and do not warp, twist, or crack at low temperatures.


The purpose of an exhibition stand is to showcase its content in the best possible manner. It should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Proper dimensions, shape, high-quality materials and finish, precise craftsmanship. All of these contribute to the overall possitive impression your exhibiton will make.

Installation, transport, storage?
No problem

Exhibitions often take place in different and sometimes very diverse locations. From galleries or shopping centers to parks or city squares. With these needs in mind, the stands are designed with an emphasis on durability, easy assembly and transport. All parts are made of lightweight aluminum profiles, making them easy to handle. The stands' bases stack securely, ensuring stability and preventing any shifting during transport or storage. We use modern CNC machines in our production, allowing us to design complex joints that increase weld strength and bolted connections. Each part is manufactured with precision to the hundredth of a millimeter, ensuring a perfect fit every time.