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Go for the

You know you are doing it right when competitors start copying you.

Proper base

Stability of the stand is extremely important to ensure all safety.

Base & weight • The base holds six concrete blocks weighing a total of 174 kg. Total weight of the stand is over 200 kg giving the stand superior stability.

Adjustable feet • Made of heavy duty aluminium extrusions, the base is also equipped with 8 adjustable feet giving the stand a stable footing even on uneven surfaces.

Clean look • Being very low profile and covered with replaceable aluminium composite panel covering the weights, the base has a neat and finished look. The cover panel also provides an additional surface for your photographs or designs.

Held together by

Frame must be strong to hold the print yet simple so as to not distract.

Simplicity • The frame has a minimalist look and easy-to-use design. You only need one person to transport and assemble it. No forklifts, no trucks required. Some joints you can even put together without any tools.

Precision & details • All parts are created with high precision CNC lasers allowing for the creation of perfectly fitting intricate parts and bringing inaccuracies down to hundredths of millimeters. Thanks to this, the holes for rivet nuts can be cut in hexagon shapes to prevent the rivets from chewing up and getting loose.

In the end
is what matters

Strong core • Each print is applied to an aluminium composite sheet, generally known as DiBond. With a PU/PE core wrapped in 0,21 mm thick aluminium foil, this sandwich provides structural stability and strength in all weathers.

Variable size • The panels are 150 x 150 cm and based on the most accessible size of the DiBond sheets so that there is minimum waste. The square shape also does not force graphic designers into strictly horizontal or vertical designs.

It is always better
to look great

The stand’s purpose is to make a worthy display of the content. However, we strongly believe that in order to do so properly, the stand must be not only functional but also pleasant to look at. The right dimensions, shape, high-end materials and workmanship…these all complement the overall look.

Take apart, move & store?

The stands are meant to go places. With that in mind, they are designed so that they can be disassembled and moved easily. All parts are made of light-weight aluminium extrusions and therefore easy to carry. Assembly is smooth thanks to the use of CNC lasers because every part, every joint is made with maximum precision. No fiddling. Everything just fits.